Sioux Falls Business Professionals

Our Meetings

Skyrocket your business with a referral group! A referred lead traditionally has a higher close rate so you can work smarter, not harder. Visit us to see how our group can help skyrocket your business with a very reasonable and smart investment.

Meetings: Every Wednesday

Open Networking: 7:45AM – 8AM

Meeting: 8AM – 9AM 

First Year Membership Dues:  $145

Renewing Membership Dues: $120


1201 N Carla Ave.
Tea, SD 57064
Meeting Structure:

In every meeting, all of our members get an opportunity for a 60 second commercial. This is the time a member will explain the specific business they are looking for. We also feature one business every week to do a 10 minute presentation, which allows that member to go more in-depth about their business and the kind of customers they are looking for.

The end of our meetings are the best part, and the reason why we all ultimately joined. This is the REFERRAL portion of the meeting. Each member has a chance to share with the group what referred leads they passed that week or give a testimonial about a recent experience with one of our members. The meetings are fun, focused and always a great way to grow your business!