Sioux Falls Business Professionals

About Us

Sioux Falls Business Professionals is an organization of professionals whose main purpose is to exchange referred leads and expand members’ business contacts within the community. Our members conduct business both professionally and ethically and create lasting relationships among its members.

What Exactly Is A Referral Group?
It’s a group of business professionals who meet on a regular basis to refer business to each other in a structured environment. We limit our membership to ONE member per profession, so there are NO competing businesses. Members are expected to use their existing network of professional and personal contacts to refer leads to other members.

What Makes SF Business Professional Different?
We are not the only referral group out there, but we have a special group of business leaders. Part of the difference is what we can deliver. We have passed over $3,000,000 in closed business during our last fiscal year, and we can offer you the potential to be part of that amazing statistic.

We also operate with a very reasonable membership rate, and all of the dues stay within our group to help create a bigger and better membership. We do several social events throughout the year including our popular annual golf outing.

It’s Like A Large Sales Team
Joining a business referral group is like acquiring a sales team – they constantly hunt out opportunities to recommend your products or services to family and friends.

To find out more about our meetings and how much are membership dues are, visit our Meetings page.

What Our Members Say…

"Of all the advertising that we do, this is the best ROI I've ever seen!"
- Rhonda Ims, Frisbees

"The friendships that I've created with the members in this group are priceless."
- Travis Steever, Dakota Chiropractic and Wellness

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