Sioux Falls Business Professionals

Sioux Falls Business Professionals

About Us

Sioux Falls Business Professionals is an organization of professionals whose main purpose is to exchange referred leads and expand members’ business contacts within the community. Our members conduct business both professionally and ethically and create...

Our Meetings

Skyrocket your business with a referral group! A referred lead traditionally has a higher close rate so you can work smarter, not harder. Visit us to see how our group can help skyrocket your business...

Industries Needed

We Want Your Business! We are looking for industries currently not represented in our group. If your business category is listed below, you are welcome to attend one of our weekly meetings. Take that time...

Sioux Falls Business Professionals


Join over 20 other non-competing businesses to share leads, referrals, tips, information and advice to directly support your ability to drive business.

Every week, members will meet with their referral group to receive details to help capture a greater share of business. Members are also responsible for identifying opportunities and sharing leads with others in the group; creating an environment in which everyone benefits.

Whether you’ve been in business for a long time, are starting a new business or just want to re-energize your enthusiasm, a referral group is a great idea.

Our SuccessBlue Bar Chart Shows Budget Versus Actual

The success of our group speaks for itself!  Our members track the revenue that is generated from every referral they receive.  During our last fiscal year, our group passed over $1 Million in closed business between our members.  Don't you want to be part of that?


Why Join SF Business Pros?

- Generation of Referrals
- Great ROI
- Business Category Exclusivity
- Create Close Friendships
- Share Ideas