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About Arvig Media

Arvig Media is a corporate media entity dedicated to providing multiple digital solutions for clients in the Midwestern Region. Based on 65 years of dedicated service within Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin communities. Stemming from a foundation in communications, Arvig Media has evolved to become a major force in the digital era. The company offers web design, digital display ads, YouTube ads, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, digital media management, and innovative solutions for monetizing company websites. Arvig Media is on the leading edge of technical solutions for business promotions and includes a Sioux Falls, SD location among its multiple offices.

Personal Bio

Shaun Vanderloo, resides in Sioux Falls, SD, graduated from South Dakota State University with B.S. in Managerial Economics.  After a brief stint in the financial services industry with Waddell and Reed and Wells Fargo, he fell into the marketing sector where he could both help businesses by explaining a micro and macro economic outlook and how that ties into their marketing plans. Shaun has spent the last 12 years with Arvig Media and loves every minute of it.  Those who know Shaun well would say he loves the outdoors from backpacking, hiking and running.  Shaun has lived in West Yellowstone Montana working in Yellowstone National Park a few years over summer breaks during college.  Once a year, Shaun will travel off the grid and  hikes somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.    Give him a shout if you have any secret hiking spots or need some advice on marketing plans.